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3070 S. Baldwin Rd.
Orion Twp., MI 48359
(248) 391-9211

News at Unity of Lake Orion

Recently, we held our Congregational Town Hall Meeting. We had a very nice pot-luck and enjoyed our fellowship with everyone before starting our meeting. We discussed how Unity of Lake Orion has successfully reached out into the community and we no longer hear people say, Where is the church? Oh, there is a church there, where?  We celebrate that we now hear others in the community say; boy your church is small, but they sure do offer a lot and the community enjoys coming into our events. We are a smaller church and most everyone works so our reaching out is to provide events that are good clean fun for the whole family and we want to continue to share those with the outside community. Working the events are fun and it is so wonderful to share Unity with the community just the way Myrtle and Charles Fillmore wanted us to do. (Give them Unity so they can take it back to their own denominations and teach others there.)

Another way we reach out to the community is to donate the meats given to us by Zaycon Foods. They use our driveway for their deliveries, give us free meats and we give back by donating the food to local shelters or pantry’s. You can purchase wholesale meats from and pick it up in our parking lot too!

We were encouraged to spread the good news of our Spiritual Center by shining our light where ever we go. Others will see it in our energy fields and they will want to mirror that. It is at that time you can invite them to visit Unity of Lake Orion and share living the Truth.

Join us beginning June 8th for our first week towards becoming a member as Reverend Cathy Jo Tomilinko talks to us about A Quest for Truth by Eric Butterworth. Purchase A Quest for Truth in our bookstore this week. (It is one of those ah-ha books a real keeper.)

We Are The Light of The World

Join us in the
Unity World Day of Prayer

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let Your Light Shine

Unity of Lake Orion

3070 S. Baldwin Road
Orion Twp, MI 48359

Service at 7PM

Burning Bowl Ceremony


Burning Bowl Ceremony 12/31/14 at 7pm

Join in our New Years Eve for ”The Burning Bowl” service.  It  is a very ceremonial service of consciously releasing and letting go of that which no longer serve your highest good. This might be a behavior, a situation, addiction, illness, habit, places, people and etc. Make your list and we will burn it over the flame. Watch all of it turn to ash as you visualize this all dissolving and leaving your life. Afterwards make a list of what you want to accept into your life. This list will be mailed back to you at the end of the new year. Take the time to join in this event with us we have a wonderful service planned for you as you begin to live the blessings that are being created for you and in you, in 2015.