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Sunday 10:00 AM
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3070 S. Baldwin Rd.
Orion Twp., MI 48359
(248) 391-9211

Sacred Healing Workshop with Norma Gentile

Enjoy our positive and uplifting environment at Unity of Lake Orion while Sound Shaman Norma Gentile adds her special sound harmonizing to our group.

Read more and see a sample of Norma’s work by clicking this link.

Our group is formed of those who are called to be a part of this great day. Call to schedule your space in advance or arrive Saturday at 9:30 and plan on being with us until 1PM. Light snacks will be provided by Unity of Lake Orion.

Anita Bhardwaj from the UK- 7/31/16 A Positive Life Workshop

What a great workshop we experienced last week. Three hours passed in what felt like one hour. Lots of fun, learning and laughs.

Join our workshop at Unity of Lake Orion on 7/31/16.

Anita is our guest speaker at our 10AM service. Take in a little time for lunch and join us for the workshop at 1PM -4:30PM.

Workshop fee is $50 and we so know you are going to enjoy it and learn something too!  YOU will learn something. Because Anita’s workshop is around YOU no one else so all will learn and all will grow using EFT(emotional freedom technique & Jin Shin Jyutsu).

See you at Unity!

Burning Bowl Ceremony


Burning Bowl Ceremony 12/31/17 at 7pm

Join in our New Years Eve for ”The Burning Bowl” service.  It  is a very ceremonial service of consciously releasing and letting go of that which no longer serve your highest good. This might be a behavior, a situation, addiction, illness, habit, places, people and etc. Make your list and we will burn it over the flame. Watch all of it turn to ash as you visualize this all dissolving and leaving your life. Afterwards make a list of what you want to accept into your life. This list will be mailed back to you at the end of the new year. Take the time to join in this event with us we have a wonderful service planned for you as you begin to live the blessings that are being created for you and in you, in 2017.


“Holistic” Unity’s 8th Annual-Health & Spirituality Festival


Holistic Festival
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

(Sign up as a vendor now.)

Unity’s Holistic Festival is underway. This is an event sure to awaken us to many different modalities available in our area. Some of those modalities will be available for you to investigate at our 8th Annual Health and Spirituality Festival. Some of your choices are; massage therapy, yoga, reflexology, magnet therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, reiki therapy, touch for health, homemade soaps, Youngevity products, Himalayan salt lamps, natural pain relief, Scentsy wickless candles, jewelry and gift items,  meet local authors, have an angel or astrology reading, have an aura photo taken and more. It is definitely a high energy day and always a very enjoyable day. Stop in.

Plan on joining us between 11 am and 4 pm and bring a friend too.

Blessings in Health,
Linda LaCroix

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities abound at Unity of Lake Orion.

We are a volunteer run church and we are very boastful that at the present time most everything at our church is handled by the loving hearts and hands of our volunteers.

If its in your heart to be an active part in serving the church please let one of the board members know. We have many areas where you can feel comfortable participating. If you have something that you would like to see represented please let us know.


Kitchen Clean-up, bookstore sales or tech work.

Monday – Saturday

General maintenance, general weed pulling or plant watering can be done on your time schedule, sign distribution or hanging up on present boards in yard.

First Saturday of every month – show up for our monthly clean-up and fellowship. It takes about one hour for all of us to pitch in and make our spiritual home sparkle.

Saturday after Thanksgiving – deck the halls at Unity of Lake Orion and tidy us up for the holidays.

Saturday after New Year’s – Take the Christmas decorations down.