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3070 Baldwin Rd.
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Burning Bowl Ceremony


Burning Bowl Ceremony 12/31/13 at 7pm

This year our Burning Bowl Ceremony will be in our New Years Eve Service.  It  is a very ceremonial service of consciously releasing and letting go whatever no longer serve your highest good. This might be a behavior, a situation, addiction, illness, habit, places, people and etc. Make your list and we will burn it over the flame. Watch all of it turn to ash as you visualize this all dissolving and leaving your life. Afterwards make a list of what you want to accept in our lives. This list will be mailed back to you at the end of the new year. Take the time to join in this event with us we have a wonderful service planned for you as you begin to live the blessings that are being created for you and in you in 2014.


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Women of Spirit Update: October 27, 2012

Women of Spirit will not meet on our usual third Saturday in October. On October 27, 2012 we will meet at the church and drive together to Renaissance Unity in Warren to participate in their Sacred Sisters event. The event starts at 9am with a continental breakfast and you will also be served a boxed lunch. Dr. Pigott will be the guest speaker for us and the cost is $20. Please call into the church or Linda if you have any questions and signup on the sheet in the church hallway. See flyer on bulletin board in hallway by the restrooms.


This is our Free Lectures for You series…. Please note “love donations” are accepted.

Even if you think your life is great already, just wait. In Unity our minds are always open to “this or better!” Join us Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8PM where we will provide you with motivational, inspirational or informational speakers.

These lectures are a community service to you from the members of Unity Church of Lake Orion. They are a way for our church home to reach out to you with information that has the potential to improve your life. When you are empowered to improve your life you can help others improve their lives. It actually then multiplies and has a domino effect. When we can create this type of positive energy we are thus helping to create Unity.

Our Wednesday speakers will not provide you with a church service. Those uplifting services are on Sunday’s at 10AM please join us then for a Positive Uplifting Spiritual Experience.

Love & light,

Unity Church of Lake Orion

A Center for Positive Living

NorthStar August 2012

Men of Unity Update:

Meetings are temporaraly cancelled.
Starting Thursday, November 2012

If you have any questions, comments or ideas please see Paul. Paul operates our wonderful book store on Sundays so look for him there.

Even if you have never been before – no, make that especially if you have never been before – please join us the first Thursday of each month for a fun and enlightening evening of conversation and sharing of spiritual ideas and other topics.

A question I am often asked is “when do you feel the most spiritual?”  Sometimes I will answer “when I am in church” or “when I am out walking in the woods, where I can really appreciate God’s beauty.”  And these are good answers.  But when I really feel the most spiritual is Thursday nights when I am sharing my thoughts and feelings about spirituality (and other topics) with my good friends here at Unity of Lake Orion.  I always come away smiling, and feeling more upbeat than when the evening started.  It is a chance for men to experience conversations about uplifting topics – a unique opportunity for men.  Let’s face it; our talk is usually about sports, cars, politics, or the other usual topics.  This is the one place where we can share our thoughts on more serious topics and, by the way, have a great time and a lot of laughs doing it.

We meet at 6:30 pm for pizza and salad, and our meeting starts after that.  If you think you may want to attend, please contact me at the number below.

Paul Ferman
(248) 693-1078

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