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Newsletter – Linda’s Columns

Columns written by Linda La Croix -

Dear Reader and Truth Student-

It is my pleasure to follow the direction that God has created with my monthly columns. Unity of Lake Orion has been blessed with a beautiful opportunity to service a larger community than we could hold within our building. For this opportunity we are grateful. Grateful, to provide positive, uplifting messages to a much larger and expansive community. We serve through the Faith page of- The Macomb Daily, The Oakland Press, The Royal Oak Tribune and the Mount Pleasant Sun and their online subscriptions under the Lifestyle section.

Being introduced to Unity by my neighbor Elsie Hornbeck in the 90′s, I found it to be an example in positive living. It was different than the church I grew up in and more like what I would think my image of a “loving God” would be like. It was fun, expansive and worked well with my self-help ideals. This confirmation changed all areas of my life. It was not until 2008 when I finally actually began attending Unity of Lake Orion with Elsie. At that time the minister was Reverend Gregory Guice. During one of my very first visits he spoke about the energy on the outside of the body. I recall being amazed that I was in a church and it was okay to talk about the energy on the outside of the body. Your aura fields, your emotional bodies, that which I had worked with already and knew God had surrounded us with. This deepened the interest I had already found within the walls of Lake Orion. Many of you might know that feeling of “coming home” when you walk into your church. It’s the feeling that says; “oh, and this is what I always thought my church would feel like. You are immediately comfortable as if your heart has always been a part of it and you didn’t know it, but now you do!

All my columns are written with the love, joy and peace that I have within after becoming a Unity Truth Student. Each one written with the prayer that it will be exactly what God wants it to be. Affirming with God that they will awaken the hearts of those who would not know Unity or have strayed away and would not receive the Unity message any other way. As a reader I ask that you hold this prayer with me. See, know and affirm that Divine Mind continues to shine a bright light to lead the way. In keeping with the Unity thoughts of getting the word into the hands of many, all the columns I have written are free for you to distribute. They are in pdf format so you can print and distribute to those you feel might be blessed with this knowing.

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If you are feeling blessed with the love and words in these columns and feel as though you are being spiritually fed, please consider tithing to support our positive, uplifting ministry at Unity of Lake Orion. Send your “love donation” in a check made payable to Unity of Lake Orion – 3070 S. Baldwin Road – Orion Twp, MI 48359.

Blessings of health, joy and love,

Linda La Croix
Prayer Chaplain & Board President
Unity of Lake Orion
248-391-9211 (Subject line-attn: Linda)